Why do we describe our shoes as Exurban ?

Mostly because two years ago we started an experiment in working outside the city by opening a second workshop on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors and immediately saw that the type of footwear we needed to wear here was exactly the same as demanded by the increasing amount of pavement pounding we had been doing in London in an effort to avoid worsening urban transport systems.

We still love the city and are not in pursuit of some long lost rural idyll. But the benefits of having our main workbase in a rural location are very real.

A simple quantifiable answer to why we are here……….if you are not spending half your working life coping with time wasting urban infrastructure then you can use that liberated time to be a lot more creative.

Societal changes are playing a big part in the ability to work this way. In the upcoming exhibition at Guggenheim NY the architect Rem Koolhaus will be putting forward the proposition that the rate of positive change in rural areas has recently been much higher than in urban areas and this trend will accelerate in the immediate future.

Our workshop is in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas of Britain but it is also adjacent to the challenged industrial belt of Teeside……and I mean this in a positive way because the horrors of post industrial decline are being replaced there by start ups in new technologies that we can use. So when I want to check the innovative carbon fibre sole for a cycling shoe I am developing I can be at their works in 35 minutes, not the 3 hour drive out of London to get to a similar facility.

The shoes we are designing and making here are only different from what we have created in London for many years in that they have an extra focus on the ability to soak up the impact of  the terrain, whether that is urban or exurban.

Tim Slack