Tim & Fiona Slack: Our Story


Our shoemaking background dates back to the early 70s when, as a husband and wife team, we made shoes for artists visiting our local Glastonbury Festival, going on to produce our designs for the likes of David Bowie and Roxy Music.  We grew our business by subverting British classics, such as the Derby, with offbeat bright colour combinations. Now we’re creating shoes with a firm focus on function, without compromising on aesthetics.


Looking Beyond the City


Thanks to technological and societal developments, the countryside’s no longer just synonymous with agriculture. We think it’s now possible to pursue creative work outside of the city and do something unexpected in the sort of place that nobody would expect. Because of this, we opened a workshop in the Yorkshire Dales but we also spend time at our long standing London base.


Working in Yorkshire has made us realise that life here demands different types of shoes, so we decided to create some. We’ve rethought the traditional shoe by giving it an exurban spin, enriching timeless silhouettes with thoughtful, functional twists.


How We Work


We try to keep our production processes gentle on the environment.


Our outer leather is sourced  from a Veneto tannery. We purchase the leather uncoloured - and not treated with environmentally damaging chrome salts - and stain it ourselves in our workshop. We mix these stains by hand to create more refined, natural versions of our signature pop art colours, including our famous reflex blue shade.


An esteemed tannery in Devon supplies us and most of the top bespoke makers, with the leather for our soles and insoles. Most modern trainers use foam insoles for comfort, but we prefer to use oak bark tanned leather instead, as unconventional as it might seem, we think it moulds better to the feet than foam.


What’s more, all of the stiffening used in our shoes is made from a new wood chip based material which is lightweight, comfortable, and fully recyclable.